Disney Cruise Line is starting to use pump bottle toiletries

Disney’s move to cut down on plastic waste has apparently expanded to Disney Cruise Line. The Disney Dream has reportedly started to switch over to reusable pump bottles that are similar to the ones appearing around Walt Disney World.

The pump bottle toiletries for shampoo, conditioner and body wash were spotted by a guest on the Disney Dream and later posted by @gilsan. While they’re not currently mounted to the wall or as large as the ones seen in Walt Disney World, they have a familiar pump design that is similar to the ones found at other Disney locations.

Disney’s move to pump bottles has been a controversial topic among guests. Some love the decision to move away from single-use plastics to protect the environment while others are fearful about potential tampering. Some will just miss having the ability to take home the toiletries as a fun souvenir from their trip.

Currently, we can’t confirm that the entirety of the Disney Dream, or any of the other Disney Cruise Line ships, have fully completed the switch to pump bottles. However, it’s very likely that the transition will be completed in the near future now that the bottles have been spotted in a guest cabin.

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