Can You Bring Alcohol on Disney Cruise Line?

It’s time to start packing for your trip aboard Disney Cruise Line. Among all of the clothing and toiletries, should you plan on packing alcohol to bring with you on the ship? Does Disney Cruise Line have a policy regarding alcohol?

Disney Cruise Line does allow guests to bring alcohol with them on the cruise ship. However, there are policies in place regarding what you can bring and how much you can bring with you.

Guests who are 21 or older may bring two unopened bottles of wine / champagne (no larger than 750 ml) OR six beers that are no larger than 12 ounces. Liquor and spirits are not allowed to be brought on board.

Disney Cruise Line has several guidelines guests must follow if they plan on bringing alcohol.

  • Alcohol must be unopened and in its original packaging.
  • Alcohol packed in checked luggage will be removed and stored until the end of the cruise.
  • Bottles or cans exceeding the limits above will be stored until the end of the cruise.
  • Guests must retrieve all alcohol stored at the end of the cruise. No compensation will be offered for any alcohol that’s left behind.
  • Any alcohol brought on board may not be consumed in any lounges or public areas.

Guests who want to bring a bottle of wine or champagne with them to one of the ship’s dining rooms must pay a $25 corking fee per bottle. 

Summarized, a stateroom with two guests over the age of 21 could bring four total bottles of wine OR 12 total beers.

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