The Best Buzz Lightyear T-Shirts

Buzz Lightyear is an iconic character from the Toy Story franchise. Ever since his film debut in 1995, Buzz Lightyear has been featured in cartoons, toys, clothing and more. We love Buzz and think t-shirts with the space ranger are perfect for any Disney vacation.

Here’s our pick for the best Buzz Lightyear t-shirts currently on Amazon. We’re Amazon associates and clicking the products below helps keep our site running. Click on any t-shirt to learn more.

Classic Buzz Lightyear White T-Shirt

Sometimes simple is better. This white t-shirt mimics Buzz’s uniform, but isn’t too in your face. Click here to learn more.

No Sign of Intelligent Life Anywhere T-Shirt

It’s one of the best Buzz Lightyear quotes and it’s here, in t-shirt form! Click here to learn more.

Comic Retro Buzz Lightyear T-Shirt

What if the Buzz Lightyear story was a retro comic book? That’s what this t-shirt depicts as Buzz once again battles the evil Emperor Zurg. This shirt also comes in several colors. Click here to learn more.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Graphic T-Shirt

Some of our favorite Disney items are the ones that are more subtle. Here, it doesn’t say Buzz Lightyear or show the character, but Disney fans will get the reference as soon as they see Space Ranger. This one is available in other colors too. Click here to learn more.

Vintage Galactic Space Rangers T-Shirt

We’re a big fan of the t-shirts that make a modern character more vintage. This one is a fun twist on the 3D version of Buzz we normally see. Click here to learn more.

Even More Buzz Lightyear T-Shirts

Don’t see something you like? Check out the dozens and dozens of Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story designs by clicking here.

David has been writing about Disney since 2018. He founded Notes from Neverland as an outlet to express his love for all things Disney, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Join us for news, reviews and more!

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