Disney World 1000 piece puzzle is a great tribute to the theme parks

Are you a Disney fan who loves puzzles? If so, the DisneyParks Mickey Mouse Icon Walt Disney World Map Puzzle may be the perfect item for you. This 1,000 piece puzzle highlights the most popular attractions at Walt Disney World’s four theme parks.

We picked up this puzzle as a fun distraction when we couldn’t visit Walt Disney World in person. The unique shape and whimsical design immediately spoke to us as big Disney fans.

DisneyParks Mickey Mouse Icon Walt Disney World Map Puzzle

The 1,000 pieces may sound a bit intimidating if you don’t put together many puzzles. Don’t let it! The park icons make this puzzle feel like it’s a bunch of miniature puzzles that connect together rather than one large puzzle.

We abandoned the “normal” puzzle strategy of putting together the border first and focused on the fun parts. The border’s unique shape and blue color made this part easy to put off until after the bulk of the puzzle was assembled.

For example, we quickly spotted pieces that made up the Tree of Life and some animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Snapping some of those together, we then spotted the familiar boat from the Jungle Cruise. Then Test Track. And Slinky Dog Dash. We moved from icon to icon, sharing and laughing at the pieces as each brought back great memories.

We highly recommend this puzzle both for Walt Disney World fans and puzzle lovers. Its shape is a refreshing change compared to the usual rectangular puzzles and its design is a perfect reflection of what makes Walt Disney World so awesome.

It’s been a bit since we finished this puzzle and we haven’t had the heart to put it away. We’ve seen others frame this puzzle and we may end up doing the same.

Click here to learn more about the DisneyParks Mickey Mouse Icon Walt Disney World Map Puzzle.

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