Disney medal hangers and displays are great for runDisney runners

Medals for completing runDisney races are some of the best you’ll receive after crossing a finish line. Disney goes above and beyond to reward its participants with some seriously impressive hardware. But what should you do with your medal once you return home?

Medal hangers are a great way for a runner to showcase all of their accomplishments. Disney Medal Hangers, or hangers and displays that have a Disney twist, make showing off all those medals just a bit more magical.

We’ve collected a series of medal hangers and displays that are perfect for Disney runners. We are happy to highlight these as Amazon affiliates.

This group of medal hangers are awesome. They all combine Disney and running, either by reminding you of all of the Magical Miles ran or by offering up an inspirational quote from a galaxy far, far away.

Some of the medal hangers use hooks while others allow you to slide the full ribbon around a large hanger.

We think these are all great ways to showcase a truly remarkable achievement. Even if you only participate in one of runDisney’s shortest 5k races, that’s still something you should be proud of and celebrate. Show off your medals with pride!

Personally, we’re just about to earn our very first runDisney medal, but we can’t wait until we have enough to fill one of these medal hangers. We think the idea of filling up one of these hangers is an inspiration, and may drive us to sign up for more races.

What do you do with your medals after the race is completed? Disney medal hangers seem like a fun way to keep the magic alive, but we’re always interested to hear what other runners do with their hardware.

David has been writing about Disney since 2018. He founded Notes from Neverland as an outlet to express his love for all things Disney, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Join us for news, reviews and more!

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