Rumor: Disney World theme parks will initially operate at about quarter capacity

Walt Disney World theme parks are set to begin reopening on July 11, 2020. As Disney prepares to welcome back guests, they haven’t revealed just how many guests will be allowed into the parks on a given day. However, a new report from a Disney insider suggests the capacity will be around a quarter of total capacity.

Disney insider Martin Smith, who is an outstanding member of the Disney community, responded to questions about attendance at Walt Disney World’s theme parks.

Around a quarter of capacity. It will vary for each park.

The attendance cap Disney will use at the Magic Kingdom will be different than the one they use at Epcot. Each park will be looked at individually, but around 25% of total capacity is a safe estimate. This figure could change depending on how well the initial reopening is handled.

Disney has stated that they will determine the best capacity that still allows for social distancing. They want to avoid large crowds and congested areas, which is why entertainment like parades and fireworks shows have been cancelled. It remains to be seen how lines will be handled at the most popular attractions.

Disney has not confirmed or released any official information on their capacity figures. But, it’s guaranteed they’ll be closely monitoring the situation in Florida and will adjust if necessary.

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