Rumor: A Mandalorian meet and greet may be coming to Disney Parks

Will you have the opportunity to meet the Mandalorian in the near future? It sounds like it’s fairly likely according to a quote from Lucasfilm Senior Vice President of Licensing, Paul Southern.

In an interview with In The Know (update – the original article has been removed by In The Know), Southern discussed how they believe its important for fans of the series to be able to meet the characters in the parks.

So, the reality is that we feel it’s really important for our guests at the parks to be able to meet all of our key characters on a first-hand, personal basis. And so it’s something we’re working on. We think it’s appropriate, and I think it’s something the guests at the parks can look forward to in the very near future.”

Details surrounding when or where a Mandalorian meet and greet may take place were not discussed. The obvious choice would be Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but the timeline for the land is supposed to be set between The Last Jedi and the Rise of Skywalker. Meanwhile, The Mandalorian – what we have seen so far – takes place about five years after Return of the Jedi.

Adding a character or characters from The Mandalorian into Galaxy’s Edge may force Disney to bend on their overall story and timeline, unless the assumption is guests are meeting an older, retired version of the character who has survived all of the events of the show.

As always, this report shouldn’t be considered fact until Disney themselves make an announcement. The quotes from Southern could reflect initial ideas and may not reflect what’s actually coming to Disney parks.

Photo via Disney

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