Review: The Blue Milk and Green Milk is hit or miss at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The Blue Milk and Green Milk at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge might be the most anticipated beverages Disney has ever created for its theme parks. With guests tasting the two “milk” beverages for the first time, how have the two flavors lived up to the hype? It’s hit or miss.

We tried both the Blue and the Green flavors during a passholder preview of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After hearing mixed reviews and descriptions of the two from guests in Disneyland, we weren’t sure what to expect. It seems like no one can really put a finger on what these actually taste like.

First Impressions

It’s going to cost you about $20 to try both the Blue Milk and the Green Milk. That price felt a bit steep given the relative small portion size. Upgrading to the alcoholic versions will set you back even further.

The drinks are served out of concealed machines that resemble a slushy machine. Note that you may experience a wait if the flavor you’ve selected needs to be restocked. The Green was out when we ordered, so we had to wait for the machine to be refilled – which is done from the front via a large bucket – before trying these galactic specialties.

Texture & Consistency

These are slushy-style beverages that are served mostly frozen. The Florida heat will start melting things very quickly, so you might be left with a slightly odd combination of liquid and frozen “milk” drink before long.

Remember that you won’t find any dairy in either drink. Instead, rice milk and coconut milk replace dairy and forms the consistency that helps walk this drink on the line between slushy and milkshake. Just don’t expect things to be too creamy.

Blue Milk

This is the milk you’ve been searching for ever since it appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope. It will surely be the most popular of the two options due to its history, but does it deliver?

The overall taste can be described as fruity, ranging from a blue raspberry taste to some sort of Skittles flavor. You might just say it has a berry flavor. It’s difficult to pinpoint what it is you’re exactly tasting, but it’s fairly refreshing on a hot day. Still, a little goes a long way and we couldn’t finish the cup even when splitting it between the two of us.

Spoiler alert: Blue Milk was our clear winner as the better of the two flavors.

Green Milk

The Green Milk is … interesting. Described as having more of a citrus flavor, we thought the Green Milk had more of a floral or plant taste than we would have expected.

Green Milk delivers its flavor in waves. After taking a drink, the initial taste that hits you is the advertised citrus that seems like a subtle combination of orange and lemon. The second flavor that marches through and sticks with you is more of an earthy taste. We heard other guests describe that final taste as flowers or even dirt.

We weren’t a fan of the Green Milk. We reluctantly tossed out more than half a cup. However, we spoke with several cast members who said they loved the Green Milk and that it was their favorite. They specifically mentioned that the “earthy” taste was what they liked about it, so it’s possible this will resonate more with guests who enjoy that flavor profile.

Overall Thoughts

The Blue Milk and Green Milk are drinks you’re probably going to try out of obligation when visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Unfortunately, we’re not sure they fully live up to the hype. We’d fully recommend trying both, if they sound appealing to you, so that you can make your own assessment. Opinions varied wildly among guests and cast members.

We probably won’t buy either the Blue Milk or the Green Milk on return visits as they stand today. That’s disappointing as we had such high hopes for these to be the specialized drink at Disney that’s a must-have every time you’re in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Don’t be surprised to see Disney tweaking these flavors in the future. These drinks are supposed to challenge the infamous Butterbeer at Universal, but so far they seem too polarizing to pose much of a challenge barring any upcoming alterations.

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