Review: Disneyland’s WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure is an Upgraded Toy Story Mania (and that’s OK!)

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is home to Disney’s first attraction featuring everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure takes guests into the world of Spider-Man and asks them to try a bit of their own web slinging.

Guests start by entering the headquarters of WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade), a group set up by Tony Stark for the world’s youngest and brightest engineers. As you might imagine, Peter Parker is one of those talented engineers. The fun theming includes WEB being set up in an old flying car factory built by Tony’s father, Howard Stark.

Front entrance of Worldwide Engineering Brigade
Front entrance of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade

WEB is hosting an open house, where Peter tells guests they will help test out WEB Slinger vehicles that allow everyone to shoot webs. Of course, something goes wrong and guests are called on to stop rapidly multiplying Spider-Bots from taking over Avengers Campus.

Guests then enter the WEB Slinger ride vehicles and can shoot webs of their own by simply gesturing with their arms.

WEB Slinger ride vehicle at WEB Slingers, a Spider-Man adventure
Ride vehicles at WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure.

Guests travel through a variety of scenes and shoot webs to try and wrangle all those Spider-Bots. This is very much a team-based game, where four guests can work together to rack up a high score. The threat is soon contained and guests return to Avengers Campus.

The ride, at its core, is Toy Story Mania 2.0. Guests move from screen to screen, shooting webs to achieve a high score. Instead of using a device to interact with the screens (like in Toy Story Mania), guests use their arms to shoot webs. You have to physically move your arm like Peter Parker to keep firing webs. (Note – You can also gesture or point to achieve the same effect.)

Spider-Bot caught in webs outside WEB headquarters.
Spider-Bot caught in webs outside WEB headquarters.

Guests can work independently to stop the Spider-Bots, or work together to chain reactions for big points. Toy Story Mania does this to an extent, but WEB Slingers cranks it up to 11. Scenes can change dramatically depending on how well your group of four works together. Don’t worry if your group doesn’t work together. It’s equally fun just doing your own thing and shooting webs anywhere and everywhere.

Reviews for WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure have been a bit mixed since its opening in June 2021. Some praise the interactivity and notable improvement from the Toy Story Mania tech, while others wish Disney’s Spider-Man ride had a bigger thrill factor (like Universal’s The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man).

We went into WEB Slingers a bit skeptical. We had heard the mixed reviews and hedged our expectations. In the end, we had a blast! We shot webs until our arms were burning, and think WEB Slingers is a great workout after downing a giant pretzel at Pym Test Kitchen.

Everyone around us had a great time too, from small children to older adults. We heard one guest in their 40s/50s say they didn’t expect to get so into it, but they loved it.

The perception of WEB Slingers is skewed by its long wait times. It’s a brand new ride at Disneyland Resort and it’s Marvel. Wait times are going to be big. A guest waiting 70+ minutes to shoot webs might be disappointed if they don’t know what they’ll be doing. But, a guest who wants to see Peter Parks and help Spider-Man stop a threat (with some very cool technology) will have a great time.

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