Which Disney princess is the most popular in your state?

Which Disney princess is the most popular in your state? That’s a topic that could produce some fun debates between Disney fans. Thankfully, the folks over at CableTV.com put together a fun graphic displaying which Disney princess is the most popular in each area of the United States.

They compiled their results by using Google Trends to determine who was the most popular princess in each state over the past 12 months.

Here’s the guide to help identify all of the princesses in the map above:

You’ll notice that Moana is missing from the graphic above because she sadly wasn’t the favorite in any state. Not even Hawaii, who picked Mulan, showed Moana enough love.

Summarized, Anna and Elsa are the clear winners in terms of popularity. Combined the duo were the top option in over half of the 50 states. Meanwhile, the state of Utah was extremely indecisive as evidenced by their five-way tie. Another fun note was seeing Esmerlda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame as the most popular in California. It’s also too perfect that Ariel is Florida’s favorite.

What do you think of your state’s most popular princess? Do you agree or do you want a recount?

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