Video: X-wing drones fly above Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for the opening of Rise of the Resistance

The rumors about X-wing drones flying above Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are true! Two drones designed to look like X-wing ships flew briefly near the Rise of the Resistance attraction in honor of its opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Check out the awesome video below.

Though the flight was very short and limited in movement, the overall effect is quite convincing.

We’ve reported on the possibility of drones coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge numerous times and it’s amazing to finally see them in action. Earlier rumors suggested that there were TIE fighter drones created as well, but problems that arose during testing prevented them from taking flight.

Currently, it doesn’t sound like the drones will be used on a regular basis at Walt Disney World beyond this opening event and possibly a small number of days around the opening. It’s always bittersweet when Disney rolls out something so incredible (they’re X-wing drones!) for media events that won’t be an actual feature of the land. We’d love to see this become a regular part of the atmosphere – sorry, Skymosphere – at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but that seems fairly unlikely at this time.

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