Video: Watch a Country Bear play checkers with a Magic Kingdom guest

Meeting characters at the Magic Kingdom is a fun experience, though the encounters typically follow a similar format. That’s where the Country Bears provide a truly unique experience. The stars of Country Bear Jamboree will often be found wandering around Frontierland, interacting with guests in a variety of ways.

This weekend, Country Bear Liver Lips McGrowl (who is named for his large lips) took some time to play a game of checkers with a Magic Kingdom guest.

That’s a special, memorable experience that doesn’t happen enough at Disney World.

Crowds at Disney World have been fairly quiet, relatively speaking, over the past few weeks. While that has unfortunately resulted in some budget cuts, such as the removal of the live performers during the Rivers of Life, it has also produced some very manageable lines and special encounters like the one above. Checkers with a Country Bear doesn’t happen too often.

Do you think Liver Lips McGrowl picked up the win?

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