Live performers cut from Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom

In another apparent cost-saving measure, Disney has eliminated the live performers from their nighttime Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom. The news comes from the insiders over at WDWMagic who are familiar with the situation, and who are aware of even more upcoming budget cuts.

Previously, up to four performers were apart of the show, interacting with the crowd before boarding two of the boats that circle the water. The “storytellers” (the official name given to the performers in the show) never spoke, but helped convey the message of the show through dance and shadow puppetry.

The storytellers may not have been a dynamic element of the show once the fountains, projections and floats emerged, but they did bring a more interactive element to a show that can feel a bit flat at times. By weaving through the crowd in ornate costumes prior to the show, the performers made the proceedings feel a bit more intimate. That’s saying a lot as the rest of Rivers of Light can feel a bit distant.

Rivers of Light has often been reviewed as a show that’s nice, but missing a certain punch. Overall, it fell short of what could have been something truly amazing. Now, as budget cuts strike around Disney World, it will soon have one of its more fun, interactive elements removed.

Photo courtesy of Disney

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