Video: Slinky Dog Dash POV ride footage

Toy Story Land is about to open inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the most popular attraction will probably be the Slinky Dog Dash family coaster. The ride is a tame coaster, but it looks like it packs in enough thrills and some fun theming to make it worth your time.

Here’s a first look at what it’s like to ride Slinky Dog Dash.

All thing considered, this looks like a fun ride and the clear star of Toy Story Land. The detail of having the coaster stop and reverse a bit before the second launch, accompanied by the sound of a spring stretching, is a great way to sell the story that you’re actually riding with Slinky Dog. The final scene with Wheezy and Mr. Mike will be a joy to fans of Pixar and people who love a good animatronic.

At night, Slinky Dog Dash looks like it may be even more fun. We’ll have to wait for a POV ride video to come out as soon as the park is officially open at night.

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