Video: Screen glitches out on Harmonious barge during nighttime performance

Epcot’s current nighttime spectacular, Harmonious, uses enormous barges anchored in the center of World Showcase Lagoon to bring the show to life. The barges feature fountains, lights, screens and even fireworks, which means there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Though Harmonious is in its infancy, we’ve already seen some interesting bugs. The latest is a bizarre glitching screen on one of the “taco” barges.

This glitching screen appeared randomly and didn’t have any discernible pattern. It was a bit jarring to guests viewing from the American Adventure side of World Showcase, but thankfully the glitch didn’t persist through the full show.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first technical issue Harmonious has faced. The projections within the center Ring barge weren’t working when the show officially debuted. Other more minor problems – such as lighting and laser projections – have also been spotted.

Given all of the moving parts and the fact the barges sit exposed in the elements 24/7, we have to imagine problems will pop up somewhat regularly.

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