Video: New animated concept art for Disney’s Star Wars Resort

Disney has released some new animated concept art for the Star Wars Resort that’s coming to Walt Disney World. The art is very similar to other images showing locations inside the resort, but these provide a slightly better idea of what guests will see from their “windows” into space.

The guest room in the short video above is interesting. It’s definitely themed well, but it doesn’t look particularly comfortable. The flashing lights and the screen into space are fun, though they too raise more questions. Is there a TV and other usual hotel room amenities? Just how immersive is Disney planning to go with this “fully immersive” experience?

The next video shows what looks like a space elevator that guests may use on their journey to the ship.

Again, Disney is highlighting the idea that every window (screen) will offer a look into space. It’s a pretty wild idea if it’s followed through as thoroughly as Disney is hyping.

Still, beyond these quick videos and some of the other similar art, there really haven’t been very many details offered for what could be a Westworld-style experience at Disney World. The hotel is supposed to be connected to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it’s noteworthy that Disney was very deliberate with their phrasing in how it’s connected. It could be connected literally or figuratively (through a narrative) based on their wording.

The Star Wars Resort has been sold as a one-of-a-kind experience where guests will literally join the story. We’re excited to start hearing more concrete details that will help make that a reality.

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