Video: Learn how Walt Disney World creates its amazing live shows and entertainment

Walt Disney World doesn’t allow too many looks behind the curtain. They aim to keep a tight lid on things in order to preserve the magic for its guests. But, in a recent video with the Associated Press, Walt Disney World shed some light on how they create 200,000 performances and live shows every year.

The video below also provides an advanced look at what’s coming in Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, scheduled to open March 31, 2019 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As with most things in Walt Disney World, the sheer size and scale of what Disney is able to accomplish on a daily basis is remarkable. It takes a small army to put on the shows and performances Walt Disney World guests enjoy.

In the case of the new Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, it looks like there’s some advanced technology at work in bringing Lightning McQueen to life. We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

So, what do you think about this look behind the curtain? Do you enjoy reveals like the one above, or would you prefer for Disney to preserve the magic?

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