Video: Fountains tested on Epcot’s barges for Harmonious

Guests visiting Epcot saw the new barges for Harmonious testing out various water features. As the park opened, a barge was seen spraying mist in all directions. At night, a barge was seen spraying water from an extendable arm.

First, here’s a Harmonious barge putting off some serious mist as Epcot opened.

The barges will act as fountains during the day, but based on the concept art, it’ll look a little more organized than this mist effect.

The scenes at night are more representative of what will appear in the actual show.

One more view of the barge spraying water from its rotating arm:

The arms on each of the taco-shaped barges can rotate and spray water. It’s a pretty neat effect, but it remains to be seen how the fountains will impact what’s displayed on the LED screens.

We’re a bit surprised to see Disney testing out these barges in front of guests. Usually these demonstrations are held backstage or after the park has closed. We’d rather be surprised by these kinds of effects rather than seeing them tested ahead of time.

Harmonious does not have an official opening date at this time.

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