Updated aerial views of Epcot’s Harmonious barges and altered sightlines

Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon recently welcomed the six-story ring barge that will be the center of the nighttime spectacular Harmonious. To date, three of the show’s five barges have been installed. New aerial photos show the current installation and how sightlines have been impacted.

Let’s start with an overview of World Showcase.

The ring barge, or the Stargate as the Disney community is calling it, is positioned slightly off-center between the entrance to World Showcase and the America Pavilion. The four wedge barges, or taco-shaped barges, surround the center ring barge.

The aerial photos provide a new opportunity to pick out potential Harmonious viewing spots. World Showcase Plaza appears to be a great spot (obviously), while the United Kingdom / France side of World Showcase doesn’t look too hot. We’ll have to revisit this conversation once Harmonious debuts.

Zooming in, we can see the anchor points for the remaining two taco-shaped barges.

These barges are massive. They’re impossible to miss while walking around Epcot’s World Showcase. As a result, some of the familiar views seen across the lagoon are now obstructed.

But you can get some interesting photos if you position yourself just right.

These views will change again once the barges become daytime fountains.

Despite the ring barge’s size (six stories!), certain views will be obstructed due to its positioning. The taco-shaped barges and their screens should cover guests viewing from these areas.

We’re reserving judgement on Harmonious until the show officially debuts later this year. But, we believe it has a high bar to clear to justify altering World Showcase Lagoon this dramatically.

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