The “Secret Walt Disney Project” announcement is a book and Disney+ series on cast members

Disney has revealed the topic of their “Secret Walt Disney Project” presentation scheduled during the 2019 D23 Expo. They announced that One Day at Disney, a new book and series coming to Disney+, will highlight what it’s like to be a Disney cast member.

Check out the preview below:

A book and a Disney+ series probably wasn’t what you were expecting with this announcement.

Disney fans let their imaginations run wild as soon as they spotted the “Secret Walt Disney Project” on the D23 Expo schedule. Everything from a fifth theme park at Walt Disney World to a new theme park in a different part of the world was speculated. Most ideas were extremely far-fetched and easy to refute, but the hype still grew as Disney’s addition of the “Secret Project” to their schedule came shortly after Universal announced a new theme park. Most expected something of serious significance to be revealed.

Did Disney fans let their imaginations run a bit too wild? Definitely. Did Disney lead them down a path that allowed those expectations to get out of check? Absolutely. You can’t expect to put a “Secret Announcement” on a schedule and not let people down when the reveal is a book and series for Disney+ that could easily be viewed as a public relations piece. It’s a classic case of over-promising and under-delivering.

This is all rather unfortunate for the One Day at Disney series because it will probably be fascinating and well worth checking out. It’s always fun to see how Disney pulls off some of its magic. Unfortunately, this reveal was handled a bit poorly due to the decision to conceal it beneath a veil that skewed expectations.

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