The Disney Cultural Representative Program is Returning to Walt Disney World in August 2022

The Disney Cultural Representative Program is coming back to Walt Disney World beginning in August 2022. Initially, Disney will invite participants back who had their program shortened or cancelled in 2020. They will then open up recruiting to individuals who are new to the program.

Disney’s announcement details a phased approach in bringing back the program.

“With this phased re-introduction, initial recruitment will start in Germany, Norway, Italy, France, UK, and Canada for World Showcase at EPCOT. We look forward to bringing additional countries on board and sharing applications with them once they clear travel restrictions and / or have CDC-authorized vaccine availability.”

Disney cites the successful return of the Disney College Program as a key reason why they’re ready to bring back cultural representatives. Individuals participating in the cultural program will stay at Flamingo Crossings Village, Disney’s new housing complex.

The Disney Cultural Representative Program is one of those special things that makes Epcot feel like Epcot. The cultural representatives add a ton of knowledge, authenticity and fun to their respective World Showcase countries. We welcome their return.

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