Steel rising at the construction site for the Ratatouille ride at Epcot

Work is progressing on the upcoming Ratatouille ride at Epcot. The site recently went vertical, meaning that the steel framing for the building is starting to be moved into place.

Above is a great photo of the progress being made on the ride courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter. To get your bearings, the construction site is located just behind and to the left of the current France pavilion. The Disney Skyliner, the new gondola transportation system coming to Disney World, will pass just beyond the current construction site.

What can be determined from the current work on the area?

For starters, there may be some concerns about the main building for the Ratatouille ride being visible from the World Showcase walkways. There will likely be a berm or some trees placed to try and hide the building, but the height of the steel indicates that it may be easier said than done to hide the building without additional theming.

In relation to the Disney Skyliner, it’ll be interesting to see what direction Disney decides to go in when it comes to theming the back of the building that will be seen as the gondola passes by.

It’s great to see work progressing, but we still have at least a couple of years to go before the attraction is ready to open to guests.

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