Steel Beams in Place for EPCOT’s CommuniCore Hall

The center of EPCOT is still very much an active construction site. While work continues on the Journey of Water walk-through attraction, crews are also busy building the new CommuniCore Hall.

The great @bioreconstruct captured the construction progress of CommuniCore Hall both from the ground and from the air.

From the ground, we can see the steel framing is mostly in place. The whole scene looks oddly familiar. Remember when Disney was demolishing the old Innoventions West in 2021? Now, they’re essentially rebuilding a portion of Innoventions West to serve as the CommuniCore Hall.

Let’s look at the view from above.

The view from above shows how the CommuniCore Hall will sit on what’s roughly half of the old Innoventions West footprint. For reference, the Journey of Water attraction sits roughly where the rest of Innoventions West stood just above the area in this picture.

We can compare these latest images to the original concept art Disney released. The CommuniCore Hall can be seen on the left side of the art below.

EPCOT concept art via Disney.

Once completed, the CommuniCore Hall (and its corresponding plaza) will serve as the home of festivals at EPCOT. Disney has said the building could house art exhibitions, demonstration kitchens, and even live music.

Disney has not announced when CommuniCore Hall will open, but they have said the nearby Journey of Water should open in late 2023.

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