Star Wars runDisney races replaced with random themes, no half marathon

We finally know what’s taking the place of the Star Wars runDisney races in 2022. Instead of the races themed to a galaxy far, far away, runDisney will have races themed to Expedition Everest, Ratatouille and the Tower of Terror in April 2022.

The ‘Springtime Surprise’ weekend will consist of a 5k, 10k and 10-mile run.

The concept of Springtime Surprise is that the race themes will change each year. This year the themes are Expedition Everest, Ratatouille and the Tower of Terror, but next year could focus on movies, cartoons, characters or something else.

To be honest, we’re surprised runDisney has abandoned the very popular Star Wars races. The ever-changing ‘Springtime Surprise’ races feel like they’d fit in better during the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend or even the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend.

The Star Wars races felt like they filled a hole that was missing in the race calendar. Now, all races seem relatively similar, with many of the same characters appearing across different events.

It’s also puzzling to see the half marathon race replaced by a 10-mile race. That’s a big disappointment for runners who expected to compete in a half marathon this spring. Assuming this change is permanent, runners seeking longer distances will have to shift to a different race weekend.

What do you think all these new runDisney changes?

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