Splash Mountain boat sinks at the Magic Kingdom

It’s not a good time to be a ride vehicle at the Magic Kingdom. Guests riding Splash Mountain this weekend reported water leaking into their boat. Upon evacuating, the boat continued to take on water and completely sank to the bottom of the track.

The guests stated the cast members told them they should have remained in their ride vehicle – despite it sitting underwater.

It’s shocking that the boat sank as much as it did. It’s also surprising that a cast member would tell guests they should have remained inside the boat while it was sinking. The regular safety spiel states it’s not safe to exit the ride vehicle, but an exception needs to be made when guests would be up to their chests in water.

We can see a startling before and after comparison thanks to the guests in the back seats.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a boat has sank at the Magic Kingdom. Remember when a boat on the Jungle Cruise took on water back in February? At the time, that seemed like one of the biggest issues Walt Disney World would face in 2020. Times certainly have changed.

Why did the boat sink? A reasonable guess would connect this issue to the unspecified problem that recently kept the ride closed. It’s also possible it was just a problem boat, which could be the case as Splash Mountain reopened to guests today. Disney has not commented on this situation at this time.

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