Jungle Cruise boat takes on water at the Magic Kingdom

One of the boats in the Jungle Cruise attraction at the Magic Kingdom took on water today, forcing guests to scramble to avoid getting wet. The boat didn’t fully sink due to the shallow depth of the water, but it did take on enough water to make guests climb to the boat’s edges.

The crazy scene was documented by other guests and shared on Facebook.

A post on Twitter showed just how deep the water was inside the boat. Guests can be seen standing on the boxes that make up the middle bench of the boat.

Finally, the aftermath.

The Jungle Cruise is only supposed to be a wild journey through the jungle. The dye added to the water conceals the fact the rivers are only a couple feet deep and the boats are actually running along a track. The track is specially designed so that the boats can still bob up and down as they travel, selling the illusion that you’re actually on a boat.

This is a bizarre incident that Disney will quickly investigate.

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