Select tours and experiences returning to Walt Disney World starting February 2022

Walt Disney World will bring back select tour experiences beginning in February 2022. Disney’s announcement says they’re using a phased approach to bring back some of the most popular tours, such as Keys to the Kingdom and the Wild Africa Trek.

Below are the tours that will return starting February 6:

Keys to the Kingdom (Magic Kingdom)
Go behind the scenes at the Magic Kingdom! Guests visit backstage areas, including the famous Utilidors, during this fun and informative five-hour tour. We can personally vouch that this tour is a must-do for serious Disney fans.

Caring for Giants (Animal Kingdom)
This 60-minute experience takes guests to a special viewing area of the elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Learn how Disney cares for these gentle giants.

Wild Africa Trek (Animal Kingdom)
This three-hour safari gives guests a unique experience within Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This trek takes the amazing Kilimanjaro Safari concept and cranks it up to 11.

Up Close with Rhinos (Animal Kingdom)
This 60-minute tour takes guests up close with rhinos! Learn about these amazing creatures in backstage areas.

Savor the Savanna (Animal Kingdom)
Combine views of the amazing savannah with tasty food and drink during the Savor the Savanna experience.

It’s great to see some of the unique experiences returning to Walt Disney World. We loved the Keys to the Kingdom tour and look forward to getting up close with rhinos in the future. We hope that some of the other tours, such as the incredible Seas Aqua Tour at Epcot, will also return in the future.

Guests can book these tours in the Enchanting Extras section of the Walt Disney World website.

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