Rank and Maximum Profit added to Smugglers Run ride results

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is an interactive experience that gives guests an opportunity to fly the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The interactive components of the ride make the experience feel a lot like a video game where your actions can influence the overall outcome. A recent change has cranked that competitive feeling up a few notches.

Photos taken at the end of a flight on Smugglers Run show that a Rank and a Maximum Profit line have been added to the results screen shown to each guest.

Guests can now brag about their rank depending on how well they performed their mission. Of course, the ride is still enjoyable even if your flight crew crashes repeatedly and posts a low score.

This does raise a couple of interesting questions. How many ranks are there? Does the maximum profit change depending on what happens during the flight? Will Smugglers Run eventually fly different missions?

That last point, the one that could see guests flying the Millennium Falcon to different locations, was reported back in October 2018. Back then it was suggested that three different missions were being designed for the ride.

Mission #1: Hondo involves you in a race on Corellia that he’s sure you can’t lose with the Millennium Falcon.

Mission #2: Hondo sends you to the First Order Shipyard on Corellia, possibly on a mission for the Resistance.

Mission #3: Your crew will have to steal cargo that’s guarded by a giant monster.

It’d be great to see additional missions added to Smugglers Run to further improve the repeat ride factor. For now, guests will have to be content bragging or shaming one another for their overall ride performance.

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