Pull down bed reportedly falls on a guest at the Riviera Resort

The Riviera Resort at Walt Disney World officially opened its doors to guests on December 16, 2019. The resort was met with mostly positive feedback, but one reported incident may overshadow those initial reviews.

A guest stated that a single pull down bed fell on a relative while they were sleeping. The posted image shows the pull down bed completely ripped away from the wall and upside down on the floor. The guest’s relative was reportedly trapped beneath the bed, but thankfully wasn’t seriously injured.

The guest posted about the incident and provided a couple updates on Disney’s response on Facebook.

It’s not clear which type of room these guests were staying in, but all of the options at the Riviera Resort that include a single pull down bed indicate they are suitable for adults.

We’ve included one example of a room description below:

Disney uses similar pull down beds in a number of their resorts and has always indicated that they are intended for either adults or children. This appears to be a case of a bad installation rather than misuse by the guests.

Disney will likely inspect all of their pull down beds across the Riviera Resort to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

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