Price increases coming to the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Parties

The Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Parties are going to be a bit more expensive in the near future. At the end of May, both the dessert party with Tomorrowland Terrace viewing as well as the Plaza Garden viewing are expected to have increased prices.

As seen on, the dessert party with Tomorrowland Terrace viewing is expected to increase from $79 to $84 for adults and $47 to $50 for children. The dessert party with Plaza Garden viewing will jump from $59 to $69 for adults and $35 to $41 for children.

Are the parties still a good value with these increased prices? That’s a subjective answer. We can only speak for the Plaza Garden Dessert Party as we attended one in late 2017. Then, with reduced prices, we had a great time and particularly enjoyed the reserved viewing location for Happily Ever After. In fact, we believed it was a far better value than the more expensive party with the Tomorrowland Terrace viewing.

Now, despite the increased prices, we’d still recommend the Plaza Garden Dessert Party. The desserts and drinks are a fun way to get excited for the fireworks, but the real star of the show is the reserved fireworks viewing location that gives you a guaranteed spot in an ideal location without a huge crowd. That luxury – along with some fun desserts – is still well worth the price.

Photo via Disney

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