Pathway that acts as a shortcut between Epcot’s Future World and World Showcase to be widened

Walt Disney World is expanding another walkway at one of its theme parks in an attempt to improve guest congestion. The shortcut at Epcot that connects Future World to World Showcase near the Imagination Pavilion has closed so that it can be widened for guests.

The path, which is also called the Rose Walkway due to it being flanked by rose bushes, was one of the most narrow in Epcot. It can accommodate approximately three guests shoulder-to-shoulder, which isn’t ideal for some of the huge crowds visiting Epcot.

This project, which is very similar to the one taking place at the Magic Kingdom near Cinderella Castle, is the latest effort at Walt Disney World to improve the experience for guests. Both walkways could become nightmares to navigate during peak seasons, particularly when a large group or a couple double-wide strollers tried to get by.

Stay tuned as Walt Disney World prepares its theme parks for what is expected to be some enormous crowds for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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