The Haunted Mansion isn’t being closed for a Coco ride

Rest assured, the Haunted Mansion at Disney World isn’t about to be closed to make room for the addition of characters from Coco. The rumor, which popped up on an unreliable website (they won’t be linked here to avoid rewarding misinformation), isn’t based on fact and has been shot down by various insiders.

The rumor called for Coco characters to be added to the Haunted Mansion, similar to the overlays seen in Disneyland where a Nightmare Before Christmas twist is seasonally added to their Haunted Mansion ride. It’s worth repeating, this is not happening with Coco at Disney World. However, a Coco ride coming to Epcot might be on the table, but not certain.

Rumors surrounding the rides and attractions at Disney World are a lot of fun to discuss. However, every once in a while an outlet churns out baseless rumors just to drive clicks and views. Such is the case with the website that created this bologna. We covered a similar situation with their “Tangled is taking over it’s a small world” rumor/hoax. As always, take every report you read with a grain – or a boulder – of salt.

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