Misspelled sign at Disney World says “Amimal” Kingdom

Here’s your daily reminder that spellcheck is important. Attractions Magazine spotted a great goof at Disney World where a sign for Animal Kingdom had an unfortunate error.

Now you know the way to Disney’s Amimal Kingdom!

Good ol’ Amimal Kingdom. Home to Festival of the Lying King and the magical land of Panera.

We’re guessing this was one of those situations where the people involved saw the word so many times that their brain read the correct version, missing the glaring spelling error. That or someone rushed to get this sign made in all of five seconds. At least the mistake here can be explained by the letters sitting next to one another on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened at Disney World. Remember the great Epcot (Epoct) error?

You never know what kind of entertainment you’ll find at Disney World.

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