Massive barges still under construction for Epcot’s nighttime spectacular Harmonious

Disney is continuing to prepare for Epcot’s new nighttime spectacular called Harmonious. Tucked backstage behind World Showcase, Disney is building out massive barges that will feature screens, lighting and other effects that will bring the show to life.

Thanks to some new aerial images from @bioreconstruct, we can see how the barges are coming along – and their immense size.

Let’s focus in on the main barge with the giant ring first.

This will be the focal point of Harmonious. The primary barge is the largest of the bunch, looming above the trees in World Showcase when viewed from just the right angle. It’s not clear how images will be shown within the ring, but a common guess is a form of water screen technology.

An aerial view of the main barge provides a bit more detail. In addition to the center ring, the barge is flanked by smaller set pieces that hold “arms” for additional lighting effects.

Four additional barges, which are smaller than the primary barge but still quite large, can be seen in the same area. These barges will hold video panels on two sides to allow for views from around World Showcase.

Taking a closer look at the barges with the newly-installed video panels, we can use the surrounding items in the photo to get an idea of scale. Summarized, guests won’t have any issue seeing these screens.

While it’s great to see Epcot’s new show taking shape, especially as other Walt Disney World projects have been shelved, we are left with plenty of questions.

Will these barges stay parked in World Showcase Lagoon throughout the day? Or will at least some of them be moved into position later in the day like the barges were for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth? If they’re parked permanently, the views around World Showcase Lagoon will dramatically change.

We also wonder when Disney plans to debut their new nighttime spectacular. Walt Disney World hasn’t resumed any of their nightly entertainment at this time, and may want to avoid debuting Harmonious while theme park capacities are capped. Disney could hold Harmonious until more restrictions have been lifted as a way of welcoming guests back to Epcot.

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