Is the creepy clown gone for good from the pool slide at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort?

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort is known for its amazing location, fun theme and the super creepy clown that lives at the bottom of the Luna Park Pool slide. OK, maybe it’s known for more than just the terrifying clown, but there’s no denying the clown face on the pool slide is the stuff of nightmares.

Now, it appears the clown’s time at the bottom of the slide has ended.

The pool slide has been under refurbishment for the past several weeks and the clown has been removed. Scrim has been placed around where the clown face stood. In a recent statement, Disney says the slide will have a new look featuring Mickey and the gang.

Thankfully, the slide itself isn’t going anywhere. But, guests won’t pass through the grinning (screaming?) clown face at the bottom.

Some will be sad that this unforgettable feature of Disney’s BoardWalk Resort will only live on in the Disney history books. There’s no question it was unique and fit the BoardWalk theme. Hopefully whatever Disney replaces the clown with fits the theming just as well and maybe, if we’re lucky, causes a few less nightmares.

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