Guests won’t receive their ride photos at Disney World if they’re not wearing a mask

All guests ages two and over are required to wear a mask while on Walt Disney World property. Disney has been enforcing that policy through signs, announcements and with regular reminders from their cast members. They’ve also come up with a way to assist the enforcement of the mask policy on the rides themselves.

Guests who are not wearing a mask in their on-ride photos will not receive the photos in their My Disney Experience accounts. CNN has confirmed this report with Disney, stating that Disney has the ability to delete guest ride photos if the behavior in the photo is determined to be unsafe. Violating the mask policy – or any other rule – results in the photo not appearing in the guest’s account.


“Guests will not receive their ride photos if they were not wearing a mask on the ride. The public relations director at Walt Disney World confirmed with CNN that the company has an existing policy of suppressing photos if someone is doing something unsafe on the ride. Not wearing a mask would be consistent with that policy.”

Summarized, you’re going to have to wear a mask at Walt Disney World at all times unless you’re actively eating, drinking or swimming. That doesn’t mean you can snack or sip on a drink throughout the park in hopes of getting around the mask regulation. Cast members have been cracking down on that practice and are insisting guests eat or drink at dining locations or designated relaxation stations.

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