Free Self-Parking is Back at Walt Disney World Resorts

Guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort will no longer pay an additional fee for parking. The change goes into effect immediately on January 10, 2023. Guests were previously paying between $15 and $25 for self-parking at Walt Disney World’s various resorts.

The change was announced by several outlets, including the New York Times.

In an acknowledgment that it may have pushed too hard on its domestic
theme parks for profit, angering some of its most loyal customers in
the process, Disney revised policies related to ticketing, hotel
parking, ride photos and annual passes on Tuesday.

Disney, for instance, will no longer charge $15 to $25 per vehicle,
per night for guests registered at the 30 hotels and resorts it owns
at Walt Disney World in Florida. The company started charging for
hotel parking in 2018.

Disney introduced fees for self-parking at its resorts in March 2018. The fees were determined based on the category of the resort, with value resorts carrying the lowest fees and deluxe resorts carrying the highest fees.

Prior to the parking fees going away, guests were paying $15 per vehicle, per night at Value resorts, $20 per vehicle, per night at Moderate resorts, and $25 per vehicle, per night at Deluxe resorts.  Disney fans often mocked the breakdown, questioning why the parking lots at certain resorts warranted higher fees.

This reversal marks the rare occasion where Disney has eliminated a fee they put in place for their guests.

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