First phase of demolition complete at Epcot’s Innoventions West

The first phase of demolition at Epcot’s Innoventions West appears to be complete. Roughly half of the original Innoventions West building has been completely torn down, leaving a large empty space where Club Cool and the Fountain View Starbucks used to reside.

Views from the Monorail show that all of the metal framing seen in our previous Innoventions West updates has been removed.

Switching over to a view from the ground, guests can see just over the construction wall that roughly only half of Innoventions West is still standing.

The next phase of demolition will remove the second half of the building, though it’s unclear when that second phase will get underway. Updated Epcot guide maps show what the area will roughly look like while Disney demolishes the rest of Innoventions West.

Guests will need to use alternate paths to make their way around Future World once the construction expands.

Updated Epcot Map

Construction is going to be a mainstay at Epcot as Future World is transformed over the next few years.

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