First look at the refurbished rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney has revealed the new look of the rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The updated rooms have new fixtures and a variety of theming elements from the movie Moana.

The new rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort carry on the style Disney has been using in most of its recent room refurbishments at other resorts. The unique element here is the variety of details from Moana.

The most prominent injection of Moana theming can be found on one of the walls. Can you spot Maui and Moana?

The bathroom update is a significant improvement that all guests should enjoy.

The injection of characters is the most prominent by the room’s coffee maker and in its art.

Overall, Disney went with a brighter look for the rooms that resembles the refurbishments seen at other Disney hotels. The darker tones of the former rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort have been replaced with a more modern, lighter touch.

The Moana theming is not as subtle as some expected, and yet not as prominent as others feared. We would have liked to see some of the darker woods incorporated, but we can’t blame Disney for trying to brighten things up.

Looking at Walt Disney World as a whole, we can’t help but notice many of the resort rooms are starting to look very similar. These room updates seem to fall in the middle between guests who want to be fully surrounded by theming and those who want to leave theming at the door. Will that work for Disney in the long term?

What do you think of the updated rooms?

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