Fireworks testing at Epcot does not guarantee a quick return of nighttime shows

Disney created quite the stir when it became known that fireworks would be tested at Epcot on Wednesday night. Guests staying at resorts in the area caught a special glimpse of the limited fireworks testing, leading many to believe Epcot will debut its new show, Harmonious, in the near future.

Let’s take a look at a few of the shells that were spotted during the tests.

The next video is a loop of a single shell.

Does this mean Disney is getting ready to resume its nighttime shows? Is Harmonious imminent at Epcot? It may be best to keep expectations in check.

The test was likely just that – a test – and not a indication Disney is accelerating any plans to launch Harmonious or even Epcot Forever in the immediate future. This test should be viewed independently of the ongoing suspension of nighttime spectaculars. It would have taken place regardless of Disney’s plans for resuming nighttime entertainment.

Disney has made it clear they want to avoid large crowds of guests congregating together, which would be impossible to avoid even at a large park like Epcot. Using proper spacing during a show at Epcot could quickly become an issue when everyone tries to exit the park at the same time. Disney has been cautious in its reopening plans and doesn’t appear to be changing that strategy at this time.

Walt Disney World has not hosted a nighttime spectacular at any of its theme parks since March when the parks originally closed. When will fireworks return to the parks? We’ll have to wait and see.

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