Expanded Beaches & Cream restaurant to reopen December 26, 2019

Disney delivered an early Christmas present to fans of the Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort by announcing the restaurant would reopen on December 26, 2019. The popular restaurant has been closed for several months for an expansion and remodeling project that aimed to increase its capacity.

In the announcement, Disney mentioned that guests will have more room to enjoy the diner dishes and desserts they know and love, in addition to being able to try brand new menu items.

When Beaches & Cream Soda Shop reopens, you’ll find even more room to enjoy those diner dishes and desserts. As part of an improved layout and enhanced experience, the restaurant has expanded to offer more space, inviting returning fans and first-timers more opportunities to scoop up a spot.

While ice cream and milkshakes should continue to be the most popular items on the menu, we are intrigued by the new Cookie Fries that will debut when the restaurant reopens.

Cookie fries! (Photo via Disney)

We loved our past experience at Beaches & Cream. The restaurant offered a fun and relaxed atmosphere to go along with tasty burgers and shakes. Our lone complaint centered around how insanely difficult it was to get a table. Reservations were almost always full and walk-in waits could range from an hour to several hours.

Thankfully, the updated Beaches & Cream will have significantly more seating thanks to it taking over the former arcade space. This should allow for more opportunities to secure a reservation and walk-in guests being met with more reasonable wait times.

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