Speed and travel time estimates for the Disney Skyliner transportation system

How fast will the Disney Skyliner gondolas go? That’s a question that keeps popping up as construction on the transportation system continues to progress around Walt Disney World Resort.

Thanks to respected insider Martin Smith, we now have an answer. The gondolas will travel at a speed around 11 miles per hour. He specifically notes 11.4 miles per hour in his answer, but we’ll round down to an even 11.

Now that we have estimated speed information, we can start estimating how long it will take to go from point to point uninterrupted on the Disney Skyliner system.

The great @bioreconstruct tackled this very topic, estimating out each leg of the journey on the system. He also put together a handy chart showing estimated travel times, including the time to transfer lines.

The image below shows the estimated distance and time between locations, though the time to transfer lines isn’t factored in.

Take the estimated times with a grain of salt as guests will have to transfer lines on certain journeys. That may add a couple to a few minutes to some trips, but the waiting should be kept to a minimum given the always-running format of the Disney Skyliner.

By piecing together the routes above, you can see it may take a little over 12 minutes to travel from Art of Animation/Pop Century to Hollywood Studios. The longest route, Art of Animation/Pop Century to Epcot, will take an estimated 17 to 18 minutes when factoring in the time to transfer lines.

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