Disney Skyliner cabins collide, passengers stuck for hours

The Disney Skyliner suffered a significant accident on Saturday night after cabins collided at the Riviera Resort station. Early reports are suggesting one of the cabins failed to dispatch, keeping it in the station and causing the other cabins behind it to crash / crush into it.

The Disney Skyliner was forced to evacuate following the accident. Guests reported being trapped for hours as local emergency crews worked to evacuate all of the riders. Disney has not made an official statement at the time of this article.

One of the Disney Skyliner lines was apparently reversed in order to bring cabins back to the station at Epcot’s International Gateway.

Disney tried their best to remedy the situation with some very unhappy passengers.

Thankfully, there are no initial reports of any injuries from this accident. However, this is an extremely bad look for the new transportation system that just opened at Walt Disney World at the end of September. It’s also a very surprising story given the strong reputation of the company behind the system – Doppelmayr – and the months of testing performed before the Skyliner officially opened.

Look for more information to be released on this incident soon.

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