Disney says their reopening plans for Walt Disney World have not changed

Disneyland’s proposed reopening date of July 17 has been delayed until the local government issues reopening guidelines. This announcement has raised questions about Walt Disney World’s reopening plans and whether they too may be delayed.

Fresh off of Orange County saying they’ll let Disney and the governor make a final decision, Disney has stated their Walt Disney World reopening schedule has not changed.

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

Plans to reopen Disneyland Resort in California have been postponed, but the schedule for the phased reopening of Walt Disney World has not changed, a Disney World spokeswoman said Thursday.

Disney’s current plan to move ahead as scheduled comes as COVID-19 cases in Florida are on the rise. This has led some cast members to form a petition hoping to delay reopening. Ultimately, Disney is stuck between a rock and a hard place where revenue and resuming a sense of normalcy comes amidst social distancing and maintaining public safety. One wrong step has the potential to become a PR nightmare.

Walt Disney World’s theme parks officially begin reopening on July 11 with Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. Epcot and Hollywood Studios follow shortly after on July 15.

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