Disney KiteTails Will End September 30, 2022 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney KiteTails will perform its final show on September 30, 2022 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney KiteTails, which is currently performing a modified show throughout the day, will wrap well before Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration ends next year.

The Disney KiteTails page has been updated on the Walt Disney World website with the announcement.

Enjoy Disney KiteTails until its last offering on September 30, 2022.

Disney KiteTails has been a fascinating show to follow ever since it debuted in October 2021. The show features a variety of kites, but guests quickly grew fond of the show due to its spectacular splashdowns and crashes.

Earlier this year, Disney KiteTails changed from a scheduled show to one with walk-by viewing. The modified version signaled the end was near, though the show is wrapping up a bit earlier than expected.

So long, Disney KiteTails. We’ll miss seeing Pumba faceplant in hilarious fashion.

Pumba kite in Disney KiteTails.

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