Construction Speeding Along on DVC Villas at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

The new Disney Vacation Club Villas (DVC) at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort are starting to take shape. In fact, work is moving rather quickly now that the project has gone vertical.

So far, we can see that concrete has been poured to form a portion of the structure. Note the elevator shaft that’s sticking up just above the multi-story building.

The aerial photo above from the great @bioreconstruct also shows how the DVC Villas will fit into the space. The new building is going to be hard to miss from the rest of the resort.

Another aerial picture shows just how close the DVC Villas sit next to the rest of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Guests riding on the Monorail have a great look at the construction. The Monorail line passes relatively close to the new building.

Construction is flying on the new DVC Villas at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, especially considering how long Disney’s other construction projects have taken. The idea that Disney prioritizes new DVC projects over others, such as theme park attractions, seems to have merit.

As a reminder, here’s the original concept art Disney released for the DVC Villas.

New DVC tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Disney fans have voiced their concerns that the DVC addition to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort doesn’t fit into the rest of the resort. There’s also concerns that Disney’s recent trend of modern, clean designs with minimal theming will make the new tower feel even more out of place. We’ll have to wait and see how valid those concerns are as the project moves closer to completion.

The new DVC Villas at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort are expected to open in late 2024.

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