Cinderella Castle continues to be painted despite Magic Kingdom closure

The Magic Kingdom has officially closed as Walt Disney World responds to the ongoing pandemic. Despite the park being closed to guests, workers were spotted continuing to paint Cinderella Castle for its royal transformation.

Aerial photos – which are really the only way to see inside the Magic Kingdom now that it’s closed – show that Cinderella Castle is encircled by cranes. Workers appear to be taking full advantage of the park being closed to guests.

This by far the largest number of cranes we’ve seen around Cinderella Castle at one time. Disney appears to be pushing this project forward at an increased pace now that they don’t need to worry about guests being in the park. Of course, we hope that these workers are practicing social distancing and are following the CDC’s guidelines. We don’t want to see any workers compromised in this project or any other construction project around Walt Disney World.

This raises the question about what will take place in the other theme parks. Disney may be able to use small crews to work on a variety of tasks all at once with the parks closed. But, they have to be extremely cautious about maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

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