Backup Boarding Groups are now available for Rise of the Resistance

Disney has added Backup Boarding Groups for guests hoping to experience Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Not to be confused with the current boarding group system, the backup boarding groups may become available after all of the regular boarding groups have been used that day. These backup boarding groups do not guarantee the guest will be able to experience the attraction.

The addition of backup boarding groups comes as the ride has started to show signs of improved capacity. When it first opened, Rise of the Resistance suffered regular downtime that limited how many guests could ride in a single day. Disney went above and beyond to compensate guests who had a boarding group but didn’t get to ride. Now, as Disney has been able to get through the regular boarding groups with time left before the park closes, they’re offering more guests the chance to ride.

Despite improved capacity and the addition of backup boarding groups, we still recommend arriving well ahead of the scheduled opening time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios if you’re hoping to experience Rise of the Resistance.

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