Edible cookie dough now available at select Disney World resorts

Disney World has a fun new snack that will be a hit with fans of cookie dough. Edible chocolate chip cookie dough is now available at select Disney World resorts, giving guests a fun new snack to eat to satisfy any cookie dough cravings.

Edible cookie dough is safe to eat as it’s usually made with treated flour and either without eggs or with pasteurized eggs.

The Disney Food Blog originally reported that edible cookie dough was available at the All-Star Sports Resort for $3.99 per bowl or for one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. Guests have since reported that the cookie dough has also been seen at the All-Star Music resort, making it seem likely that the snack is (or will be) available at all of the All-Star resort locations.

Disney may be using the All-Star resort locations as a test for this new snack. Should it sell well (let’s hope it does), it’s possible they’ll roll it out at more locations in the future. This snack seems like a good value given the current price point and the fair-to-generous portion. The only real barrier may be the learning curve for guests who are not familiar with the concept.

[photo via Disney Food Blog]

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