Why do people visit Walt Disney World year after year?

Do you have a family member, coworker or friend who visits Walt Disney World year after year? Ever wonder why they keep returning to the same vacation destination again and again? Wonder no further.

We will try to shed some light on why guests keep returning to The Most Magical Place On Earth.

It’s Always Evolving and Changing

Unlike a vacation to the beach, a trip to Walt Disney World can vary drastically from one year to the next. A guest who visited in early 2018 would find brand new lands to explore in Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when they return in early 2020. No two trips are alike.

Walt Disney World has seasonal special events, holiday parties, evolving entertainment, new meet and greets and even new attractions that can open between visits. They also have a huge variety of things to do beyond the characters and theme parks, such as the amazing Seas Aqua Tour at Epcot or unique dining experiences like the one at Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater.

The beach is the beach. Walt Disney World can be a chance to live out a Star Wars story while still offering something completely new just a year or two later.

The Disney “Bubble”

You may have heard of a phenomenon at Walt Disney World called the Disney “Bubble.” This refers to the overall feeling guests have while staying on property during their Disney vacation. It’s a feeling of relaxation, fun, excitement, fantasy and positivity that helps remove you from your day-to-day worries and concerns.

It may sound crazy, but this is a very real thing. It’s particularly true when you stay at a Walt Disney World hotel and use the complimentary Disney transportation both from the airport and around Disney property. There’s something particularly relaxing about knowing your vacation is underway the moment you land at Orlando International Airport. From there, you can let Disney do all of the driving and take care of all of the annoying details – such as moving luggage – as you enjoy your vacation.

Inside the Disney “Bubble” you don’t have to worry about everything going on back home, your job or whatever may detract from your magical vacation.

Guaranteed Great Service

Disney is well known for their outstanding customer service. They go above and beyond to make sure every single guest is having a magical time while on Walt Disney World property. Magical moments are routinely made for guests through the outstanding cast members.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you should expect every moment of your trip to go without a hitch. Real life unfortunately doesn’t work that way – even at Disney. But, and this is one of the most important things, Disney will go out of their way to correct any negative situation. Think of it as a bit of travel insurance during your vacation. We know Disney will do their best to correct a bad situation.

We have personally visited Walt Disney World multiple times and have experienced and witnessed magical moments dozens of times. Whether it’s a surprise (and free!) birthday dessert, a bonus FastPass reservation for a popular ride or even a friendly conversation, the cast members are a big reason why Walt Disney World vacations are so fun and memorable.

It’s Fun!

This one should be kind of obvious.

Walt Disney World vacations are extremely fun no matter who you are. Families, kids, older guests and even guests without kids can have an absolute blast experiencing the attractions, rides and entertainment that takes place daily at the theme parks, water parks and resorts.

Whether we’re rushing around to hit all of our favorite rides or sitting back and taking in a quiet moment at Epcot, we have never run out of things to do, explore or experience. More importantly, we’ve never had a bad trip when we pick Walt Disney World as our vacation destination.

The only thing that may top a trip to Walt Disney World is a trip to Walt Disney World combined with a cruise with Disney Cruise Line. Now that’s fun!

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